Tuesday, 21 February 2012

As part of     Incredible Edible Saltash , introducing the  

Front Garden Veg Challenge!

Do you have a front garden that needs a makeover?

Would you like a challenge this growing season?

 Do you want to grow vegetables but think ‘I don’t have room’?

Growing-your-own is hugely rewarding and keeps you fit and healthy while saving your well-earned pennies. Convert your front garden, whether it’s an existing bed or planters on a patch of concrete, or put up some window boxes and start a fruit, vegetable or herb garden, large or small, the more inventive the better. Register your project at incredibleediblesaltash@hotmail.co.uk with a photo if possible, and again when completed, for your chance to win a prize! No email? Call 847947. And don’t forget those bee and butterfly friendly flowers for a bit of additional colour!

Saturday, 18 February 2012

From the Earth to the territory. For a market without traders' The Eagle Transition Town

Transition Town L'Aquila (L'aquila meand The Eagle in Italian)

From the Earth to the territory. For a market without traders' The Eagle Transition Town: "New purchases local" is a Group Purchasing Solidarity (GAS) on the territory of L'Aquila. Like all GAS, as has also our intention to buy food directly from producers - mainly producers and local - can guarantee fresh goods, genuine fruit of the earth that is under our very eyes. We are a group of citizens and families who believe it is possible to realize a market without the 'merchants', which has as its basis a real and immediate relationship between producers and consumers based on direct contact, mutual trust, on' meet and respect. From farm to table, without intermediaries: we believe it should be the farmer's market, direct sales, ie a place where people can buy quality products, local and seasonal, directly from farmers, saving money and contributing to the reduction of emissions pollutants due to the philosophy of Km 0. Join the GAS means to socialize with other families and understanding the needs of local producers. Actions even more valuable today in our country subjected to deformation and in need of new projects so that they see the reconstruction of urban centers but also a profound reflection of the relationship with it has and will continue to have those who live it. In recent years various consortia are born to replace potatoes, wheat, corn varieties, with the spirit of recovery and a healthy relationship rediscovery of the potential of our heritage and our lands. Those same lands that are subject or after the earthquake risk of expropriation and subtracting agricultural use. Afresh together consumers and producers together to learn and also means to recognize, to defend our land, the land and the so-called quality of life.

This is translated by Google so apologies but its very interesting to see that in other European communities are going through the same processes.


L’Aquila Transition Town

I was very pleased to find that Italy has many Transition Towns.I've been to l'Aquila and I 'd love to find out more about their group when I'm over there this summer.

L’Aquila Transition Town

Sunday, 12 February 2012

SEA Incredible Edible Saltash

We are launching our Incredible Edible Saltash campaign very soon!

If you would like to support SEA's campaign to encourage as many people as possible to grow their own veg and fruit please help us by making a donation.

Some of the things we have planned for 2012:

Front Garden Challenge

Seed and Plant Swaps held monthly

SEA Vegetable Bed in Victoria Gardens

Big Lunch / Local Meal


Friday, 3 February 2012

logos -Rebecca's designs

We have been thinking of a new logo design.

I have added 2 here but we should have 3 more to follow shortly so wait until they appear before voting!

Anyone should vote

use the poll on the right



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