Monday, 15 July 2013

Solar UK - News: Sharp Concentrator Solar Cell Sets New Record

Solar UK - News: Sharp Concentrator Solar Cell Sets New Record


Cotehele Quay Floods thanks to NIMBYS?

According to The National Trust sea level rises caused by global warming are a threat to Cotehele Quay. One solution to the problem at Cotehele would be to allow the river to break through the banks to flood an area of grazing land above the quay and create a wildlife reserve.

Although the land is of little importance being used to fatten beef cattle a strong local group, SODDITT opposed the plan and even managed to prevent the Trust from carrying out the work.

I know that not all of this group were NIMBYs and just wanted to keep a landscape preserved as a particular view but others were and it really is a disgrace that they managed to defeat the Trust to create an important bird habitat as well as to protect the historic site at Cotehele quay.

For more info contact Joe Lawrence

posted by Rebecca Coombes -not representing views of whole SEA commitee

Sunday, 14 July 2013

NIMBYs not hold up progress in Cornwall to develope Renewable Energy Projects

There are currently 36 operational solar farms in Cornwall -a new 5KW solar farm has opened by Newquay Airport. It will provide electricity for 1,000 homes.

A drop in the price of installing large scale farms meant a shelved scheme could be restarted.

Although Feed in Tariff has been reduced the cost of solar systems has dropped meaning that a roof in Cornwall is still capable of producing a 16% return. Good by anyone's standards.

Wind Power

There is potential for Cornwall to produce up to 9,220 MW power from offshore wind.The Wave Hub at Hayle was deployed in 2010 -it is a GIANT SOCKET connected to The National Grid.

There is so much potential in Cornwall to not only be self sufficient in power but to export that power as long as the NIMBYs here do not get their way and block the progress of these future project.

Many of these NIMBYs will not be around when the most severe effects of Global Warming kick in so why listen to them now?

Opinion of Rebecca -not shared by all SEA committee

Friday, 12 July 2013

At Lille station you can use this recharging point for your mobile or computer -neat!


I think that this is in Milton Keynes - a bio gas plant using dog waste as well as other items


Saturday 13th July

If you are in Saltash pop down to Churchtown and say hello! We'll be there from 10am -2pm.

Hopefully this hot weather will mean we get fewer comments about climate change not producing higher temperatures!!Last year it was cool and wet!