Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Victoria Gardens IE Bed 23rd April 2013

Today the sun shone on us as we cleared out the old plants and top dressed the bed with composted Horse manure.

We planted Strawberries, Chard, Broad Beans, Lettuce and herbs as well as some flowering plants to attract pollinating insects.Once the weather is more reliable we'll put in a 'patio courgette' and some delicious green beans!

If you are in the gardens do help yourself to some herbs which are just beginning to take off  now.I love to use herbs in my cooking as even a borring plate of pasta can be jazzed up by adding fresh chopped herbs to some warm Olive oil and garlic and mixing in before you serve.Sage (chop finely) is very tasty if you add it to plenty of butter then add your cooked pasta.

Mint is so useful ; As well as adding a sprig to new potatoes as they cook I also like to chop it up finely and add to rice when we are having a curry.Mint works well with strawberries and gooseberries too if you just use a small amount.