Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Have Yourselves a Merry Green Christmas

1.Buy as much of your festive food locally - yes we know all the food magazines are full of recipies for exotic fruit and veg but our own humble carrots, greens and parsnips are all fantasic at this time of year and far less food miles are involved!

Roast carrots,beetroot and cauliflower as well as parsnips! Add a spoon of honey.

Don't use your granny's recipe for greens! Cut them up finely and steam or stir fry for under 5 mins.Add chopped garlic if you like.

Support your local farmers and food producers!

2.Cut down on wrapping and paper. Iron your old wrapping paper and tissue to reuse.Don't buy 'overwrapped' produce or if you do leave the wrapping in the shop.

3.Save on fuel share meals with friends and neighbours! Turn the heating off and sit round a wood fire instead.Much more festive.

4.Send e-cards instead of paper ones -saves you money too!

5.Give a donation to a charity rather than a present ( probably best to stick to adult's gifts rather than children's)

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Black tuscan kale ready now in Cornwall

Several local market gardeners are now growing this lovely type of cabbage so grab it while you can.I bought mine from a stall in St Dominick.Look out for it in veg shops too.In St Dominick it was just 50p for a great big bunch (that's £5 in Waitrose !!)

When you get it home wash it well and discard all of the large stalks as they will be very tough.You can keep the smaller ones.

To cook it simpy cut up and steam or stir fry adding ginger lemon garlic and salt as you like.Or just salt if you like plain food!

My favourite way to cook it is to cook it up with a chopped onion and small pot of  double cream.

First cook onion in olive oil then add kale and cook another 5 mins then add cream and seasoning.Black pepper, garlic, paprika and chillies all work well. You can then stir in some cooked pasta to make a tasty supper dish or serve it alongside other dishes and potaoes.Really quick but good enough for a dinner party!

Oh i nearly forgot add a handful of chopped roasted hazelnuts just before you stir in the pasta.Pinenuts or walnuts would work too.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Try something crafty

Brilliant ideas for recycling here!

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Hand Made Christmas 1st December

What a day! We were snowed under with parents and children all wanting to take part in our Craft Workshop in The Brunel on 1st December.

 The whole event was far more successful than on previous occasions when we'd been in the hall behind Martins.Partly because we'd been part of the Lights On Celebrations with a lantern parade, music and Nativity.This all brought lots of people into the town.

Maureen and Marianne in the Brunel making wreaths

Children made natural Christmas wreaths from holly, periwinkle, ivy and other greenery and hand stamped wrapping paper.Chloe had cut up some old paperbacks so people with more time (and patience )could try their hand at making her Christmas tree decorations.At 4pm we had to bring the workshops to an end and clear up!

Chloe,Ambika and Rebecca were all taking part in the Craft Fair held in Victoria Gardens.The fair was a great opportunity to buy locally made gifts for Christmas and sample hot mulled apple juice from the Tamar Valley.Chloe arranged the event using her own contacts and Etsy to find local good quality crafts.

There were some food stalls along the high street and some cafes did take away drinks which were very welcome as it was certainly wintry weather.Its a shame more local food producers weren't involved but it a very busy time for them with so many fairs and events taking place.

posted by Rebecca Coombes SEA