Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Have Yourselves a Merry Green Christmas

1.Buy as much of your festive food locally - yes we know all the food magazines are full of recipies for exotic fruit and veg but our own humble carrots, greens and parsnips are all fantasic at this time of year and far less food miles are involved!

Roast carrots,beetroot and cauliflower as well as parsnips! Add a spoon of honey.

Don't use your granny's recipe for greens! Cut them up finely and steam or stir fry for under 5 mins.Add chopped garlic if you like.

Support your local farmers and food producers!

2.Cut down on wrapping and paper. Iron your old wrapping paper and tissue to reuse.Don't buy 'overwrapped' produce or if you do leave the wrapping in the shop.

3.Save on fuel share meals with friends and neighbours! Turn the heating off and sit round a wood fire instead.Much more festive.

4.Send e-cards instead of paper ones -saves you money too!

5.Give a donation to a charity rather than a present ( probably best to stick to adult's gifts rather than children's)

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