Sunday, 2 December 2012

Hand Made Christmas 1st December

What a day! We were snowed under with parents and children all wanting to take part in our Craft Workshop in The Brunel on 1st December.

 The whole event was far more successful than on previous occasions when we'd been in the hall behind Martins.Partly because we'd been part of the Lights On Celebrations with a lantern parade, music and Nativity.This all brought lots of people into the town.

Maureen and Marianne in the Brunel making wreaths

Children made natural Christmas wreaths from holly, periwinkle, ivy and other greenery and hand stamped wrapping paper.Chloe had cut up some old paperbacks so people with more time (and patience )could try their hand at making her Christmas tree decorations.At 4pm we had to bring the workshops to an end and clear up!

Chloe,Ambika and Rebecca were all taking part in the Craft Fair held in Victoria Gardens.The fair was a great opportunity to buy locally made gifts for Christmas and sample hot mulled apple juice from the Tamar Valley.Chloe arranged the event using her own contacts and Etsy to find local good quality crafts.

There were some food stalls along the high street and some cafes did take away drinks which were very welcome as it was certainly wintry weather.Its a shame more local food producers weren't involved but it a very busy time for them with so many fairs and events taking place.

posted by Rebecca Coombes SEA

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