Monday, 15 July 2013

Cotehele Quay Floods thanks to NIMBYS?

According to The National Trust sea level rises caused by global warming are a threat to Cotehele Quay. One solution to the problem at Cotehele would be to allow the river to break through the banks to flood an area of grazing land above the quay and create a wildlife reserve.

Although the land is of little importance being used to fatten beef cattle a strong local group, SODDITT opposed the plan and even managed to prevent the Trust from carrying out the work.

I know that not all of this group were NIMBYs and just wanted to keep a landscape preserved as a particular view but others were and it really is a disgrace that they managed to defeat the Trust to create an important bird habitat as well as to protect the historic site at Cotehele quay.

For more info contact Joe Lawrence

posted by Rebecca Coombes -not representing views of whole SEA commitee

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