Tuesday, 4 February 2014

This is what Climate change means FOR US!!! Its not happening in Africa or some far-flung island its in Somerset

Since the storms struck a month ago, there have been fears that floods would inundate septic tanks and sewerage systems.

Farmer James Winslade, 40, whose 790 acres have been underwater since New Year’s Day, described the squalor.

“We’ve got 95 per cent of the farm under water, ranging from 2ft to 10ft deep. The wind’s behind the water and we’ve got waves crashing in.

“Two sewerage farms and all the septic tanks from the villages have flooded. We’ve got raw sewerage and syringes and tampons, you name it, washing up against the house.
“We can’t let the children out anymore because of the smell and the contamination.”
Mr Sadler, a member of campaign group Flooding on the Levels Action Group (Flag), said he now overlooks a lake where his garden used to be.
from express newspaper

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