Monday, 22 August 2011

To Landfill or not to Landfill - the story of a fridge freezer

I thought this might interest SEA members

Our 4 year old fridge freezer stopped working and we called in our usual repairer who told us it wasn't worth repairing, we needed a new one.
We thought about this, about the fact that it was still almost new, about how much landfill space must be full of almost new, but supposedly irreparable appliances. We decided that we couldn't just accept this advice. Instead we asked him who we could get a second opinion from, and to his credit he was happy to give us a name.

Steve, when phoned, said he'd have a look, there'd be a £20 call out fee and he might not be able to do anything. We knew that a new fridge freezer would cost hundreds of pounds, so we thought it was worth a go.

He could repair it. For a total of £60 we now have an appliance in full working order, we've saved ourselves at least £400 and at least as importantly there's one less fridge freezer in landfill!

Moral of the story: don't accept the first solution if it doesn't seem right!

PS Happy to give Steve's telephone number to anyone in the Saltash/Plymouth area who's in the same predicament!

By the way, Steve was meant to be going on from us to do another repair but the lady rang to say she'd decided after all 'just to get a new one', he says this happens all the time!

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