Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Meat and The Environment our Discussion on 25th October

Did you know that according to The New Scientist Cutting back on beef burgers and bacon could wipe $20 trillion off the cost of fighting climate change? That it takes 20lbs of feed to make 1lb of beef but just 5lbs to make 1lb of chicken?
So if we switched from beef to chicken that would massively help the environment? Or would it? What about the pollution from the factory farms that all these chickens were raised in.And food miles?

Or should we swithch to only grass fed meat and eat less.Would that get us out of this hole?

Then only very wealthy people would be able to eat meat.Is that fair? Does everyone have the right to eat meat no matter how its raised?

If we stopped eating Beef would we have to give up milk too?And what would happen to all of the cows we didnt eat??

These are just some of the questions that we'll be discussing at our Film and Discussion evening on 25th October at 7pm in The Guildhall Saltash.

Do come along!

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