Monday, 24 October 2011

meat free cooking

Hello all. Well worth watching on Channel 4 on sunday , 8 pm, is Hugh FearnleyWhittingstall's programme on meat free eating. An ardent meat and fish eater, he has vowed to give up meat and fish for several months- the summer just gone. All the entertaining he does is meat free too for this period, and he really brings to life how exciting this can be! With our discussion on Meat eating versus Vegetarianism tomorrow evening at the Guildhall, this is especially topical! He acknowledges that , for the planet's sake, we should all reduce our meat eating if not give it up, but if you disagree, come along tomorrow and voice your opinion!
Maureen Kemp

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rebecca coombes said...

I'm really enjoying this programme but my one criticism is that its very much aimed at 'foodies' who already do lots of adventurous cooking (seaweeds and monkey puzzel nuts)and are quite happy to eat toasted coconut flakes on their curries!

We really need to preach to the KFC brigade who just have no idea how to cook any meal let alone one with seaweeds!

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