Monday, 12 December 2011

Happy (handmade Christmas) Christmas

We'd like to wish our followers Happy Christmas,Winter Solstice,Saturnalia etc!

Don't forget that this time of year is so much more meaningful if you can spare a few hours to make things rather than buying them.Or take a country walk this weekend and collect some greenery to make some decorations.

Around St Dominick the hedges were flaied last month and I'm getting long hazel twigs from the sides to make into a big circular wreath for our door.This is so easy all you need is a ring you make out of garden wire then you weave the twigs in and out.The wreath can be covered in ivy,holly and all sorts of evergreens.One year when it was bitterly cold a wren chose to roost in our wreath every night.This was ok until we had guests and opened the door,surprising the wren and causing her to fly into the living room and hide in the Christmas Tree!

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