Monday, 16 January 2012


Well, I don’t know what your year was like, but mine just seemed to mostly go from one challenge to another in quite the most unrelenting fashion; bereavements, complex and life threatening health issues, and an employer that just seemed to keep asking for more and giving not very much at all! 11 is normally a good number for me, having been born on an 11th, but something went wrong with my luck last year.

But, as always, I learn what I can from these experiences and do my best to work my way forward.

I should have more time for SEA this year, which I am very pleased about, as it nourishes my soul both socially and ecologically and it makes me feel a part of my wider community. Saltash is not really my home and in the long term probably won’t be, but I lived near Trematon for 8 years and will probably now be in Saltash itself until at least 2016 I reckon, so I may as well do what I can for my temporary community and kindred eco-spirits!

I don’t really ‘do’ resolutions, but I have just been given a mountain bike and a very beautiful pony, so I’d better learn how to maintain my bike and increase my natural horse skills for the good of my slightly naughty (mistreated) pony. I have also vowed to stick to buying my favourite tasting and more eco-ethical coffee, and just try to drink a few cups less a day. I have also found a source of unpasteurised organic milk* near Callington, so am trying to buy this each week, rather than my usual Lidl, Tescos or Waitrose Organic milk.

Hopefully I will be more eco this year, than last year, and thus more happy. Wishing you a great 2012. Louise Austin

*I am happy to collect this milk for others. The organic herd is a closed herd at Sevenstones, near Callington, has been TB free for over 30 years and is tested regularly and licensed to sell unpastuerised milk direct to the end user. If you give me a plastic or metal container I can pick you some up once a week and you can collect from outside my house (50p/litre).

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rebecca coombes said...

I'd be very interested in the milk Louise.I'll bring my container on 24th.

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