Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Skill share

Louise has offered to do a skillshare regarding making:

- home remedies (e.g. calendula cream, bath oils,soaps)
- cleaning products (e.g. toilet cleaning, window cleaning, room sprays)
- special diet cooking (e.g. gluten free chocolate brownies, healthy truffles)
- wild food cooking (e.g. nettle soup, jams, cordials)
- planting seeds (e.g. herbs, tomatoes, squashes)
If you are interested then please email her directly at

Skillshares may take place at Louise’s home in Saltash, but if there is enough demand, we may hire a venue in Saltash or surrounding area.

How to make a room spray

A glass spray bottle is best, as essential oils will react with the plastic – but ok if you can’t get anything else. I will get some more blue glass bottles soon – they cost about £1.50 or less each online.

We do have a local supplier for essential oils – Healing Oils – Jane Marshall, 50 Culver Road, PL12 4DT.

Use approx 8 drops of essential oils per 600mls of water. If you want the mixture to keep for longer then I usually add about 50-100mls of alcohol (vodka will do) or distilled witch hazel (cheaper!).

Use common sense with the oils if mixing – e.g. with strong smells use less drops.

Essential oils:
- Lemon – great for kitchen or bathroom
- Frankincense – lovely for midwinter and just delicious smell
- Sandalwood – as above but for summer
- Mandarin – universally safe; the only oil Massage In Schools Instructors are allowed to use to scent a classroom!

DO NOT USE ROSEMARY essential oil if you have HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE.

IF ANYONE IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD HAS EPILEPSY, please get advice from a professional, especially re certain types of lavender and citrus oils. I have an article on this if you’re interested I can email a link to it or print off.

[Louise doesn’t hold qualifications in any of the above areas yet, but has been an enthusiast for over 20yrs and has friends who are qualified in herbalism and aromatherapy that she can check medical stuff with if required. Louise is qualified in Indian Head Massage; Holistic Massage, Anatomy & Physiology; Person-Centred Counselling (Advanced Certificate only), Youth Counselling (NYA Level 1) & is currently studying Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and working with Learning ‘Disabled’ people. She is also a member of Thrive, Counselling and Psychotherapy Outdoors (CAPO) and Care Farming UK, and home educates her son.]

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