Friday, 1 July 2011

A388 destruction

Sometime in May a whole section of trees and hedges beside the A388 in Carkeel was cut down.I missed this as we were away but coming back from the station in early June we were horrified to see the trees piled up in heaps by the side of the road.

Importantly the period between 31st March and 1st July is the prime bird nesting season and anyone destroying hedgrows and trees during this period can be prosecuted under the Wildlife and Countryside Act.

I've been talking to Natural England who are very helpful and are looking into the case.It is important for everyone to be aware that any cutting or removal of trees should always be carried out during the winter.


RogerCO said...

I wonder if it might be a prelude to widening that bit of road to make it safer for cyclists and pedestrians. At the moment it is a really nasty section to cycle along and effectively prevents a lot of Hatt people cycling to and from Saltash.

But it shouldn't have been done at this time of year for sure. There is Cornwall Council guidance on this. and a leaflet you can probably find at the one-stop-shop/library.

Saltash-in-Transition said...

I think what's happened is the land was recently sold and the new owners have decided to clear a road that will come out at the entrance for woodside farm hoping to get planning approval for a developement there.It was up for sale for £10,000 without planning so I think a speculator has bought it.
It would be good to make that stretch safe for walkers and cyclists but sadly this doesnt seem to be the consideration here Roger.

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