Sunday, 3 July 2011

Images for Messages

One of the things Stephen Sheppard mentioned in his talk on Wednesday was how images can be used to deliver and reinforce connections - he gave an example which I particularly liked:

I don't have his slides so I simply recreated it with a bit of google-image searching and some quick'n'dirty graphics editing. It's not perfect - the patio heater is at the wrong angle and perhaps a bit big and would be better positioned slightly rightwards, but it is hiding some flaws where I removed what was there before.
The funny thing was that while googling for a picture of an ice-floe I came across these - all being used as genuine original photographs...





All the same ice-floe, but different bears, penguins and skies. No 4 is the most obviously fake I think, but is one of them a real original photograph of something in the real world? Who knows?

So now you know the answer to the old question "What to polar bears do with penguins?" - they meet in photo-shop-land.

Incidentally you might like to print the patio-heater-on-an-icefloe image as a small sticker to attach to patio heaters in pub gardens this autumn - it might help someone make a connection...

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Saltash-in-Transition said...

good idea about patio heaters! Rebecca

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