Wednesday, 6 July 2011

A Freeboot 'Sale'

Saturday July 16th 10-12 midday in the Small Hall at Wesley Church  
A FREEBOOT is like a car boot sale except that everything is FREE and please don't bring a car!
Bring something you don't need and take away something useful. Trade in each of your goods for a "Saltash Shilling". If you have nothing to spare "Saltash Shillings can be exchanged for a donation!

and finally but very importantly an advance notice...........
A visit to THE AGROFORESTRY RESEARCH TRUST CENTRE at Dartington, 6pm Fri 5th Aug
SEA members have been given the chance to visit this exciting project! Martin Crawford will give us a guided tour and explain all that is going on there. The visit starts at 6pm and we will need to car share to get there. The cost is £5 per person. To find out more ( and we recommend you do as it's a fascinating project!) visit
Please contact  asap if you might be interested in coming as we need to get some idea of numbers.

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